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Why Perception and Perspective Matter


Both perception and perspective vary from human to human. Perception is the ability to view information through different senses while a perspective is a style in which we think about things. One could agree that for every mindset, there is an opposing or alternative viewpoint. Furthermore, each viewpoint can be categorized and hold merit, giving the idea that utilizing different perceptions and using those to build our perspectives can be beneficial.

To what extent should individuals review the perceptions of those around them though? Humans as a whole can strive for balance through embracing multiple perspectives even when they conflict with one’s own values. It can be beneficial for us to think in terms of perception because various perceptions empower us to expand our minds to thoughts we had not considered before. By being able to think in another perception other than your own — you can overcome bias

The way we perceive the world around us affects our...

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What is the Emotional Quotient?


It's understandable why we place such value on the intelligence quotient (IQ). After all, our society tends to place a high-value education and measuring one’s problem-solving ability. But what about the emotional quotient? To some, this seems like a foreign concept; but to many, this can actually be more important than the intelligence quotient. Strong emotional intelligence allows you to navigate through life easier. Not only can your EQ affect yourself, but it can also affect your ability to read the cues other people and learn how to react appropriately.

Emotional intelligence is not simply maturity, it has 5 components that help us gain skills required to understand the world around us, empathize when others are suffering, and become better negotiators with ourselves and our teams.

Let’s take a look at the five categories of the emotional quotient a little more closely:

1. Self-Awareness

Being self-aware means you recognize the emotions that...

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Diving Deeper Into Interpersonal Skills


Social skills are a component of emotional intelligence and can highly influence your work, family, and personal life. People skills are often sought out by companies as one of the most important factors in hiring and maintaining employment. After all, if we can’t get along with those around us, it makes it difficult to get work done. The interpersonal component of EQ affects our lives in a myriad of ways.

Here are a few ways you can utilize interpersonal skills to boost your EQ:

1. Influence

By harboring strong communication, you can impact how influential you are. Not only can this make you more persuasive, but it can also help you in whatever mission you set out to accomplish. When you learn how to hone in on your voice, your message becomes much more impactful. Remember though, that with great power comes great responsibility. Having influence can surely make us powerful, yet it’s how we yield that power that matters.

2. Leadership

Many often want to be...

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