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ThriveEpic's mission is to help individuals and teams who feel stuck with gaining clarity, finding and leveraging purpose, and taking action so that they can make a big impact in their world and the world around them. 


Integrity: Showing up as our authentic selves everyday
Passion: Giving and sharing our knowledge to those around us
Trust: Respecting and holding space for our clients
Joy: Radiating happiness and appreciation throughout the world
Action: Taking a step forward everyday

Meet Arika

Founder, CEO, Life & Leadership Coach


Hi, I’m Arika. I’m on a mission to help people be leaders in their own lives and be happy. So while my official title is founder of ThriveEpic, I like to think of myself as Chief Happiness Officer. I get to spread this message through being a leadership coach, dynamic speaker and event facilitator. 

 As a Chief Happiness Officer, it’s not all about roses and sunshine or woo woo. It is about people putting their best foot forward and making the best out of their own life. We all have moments that are not great but it’s about overall fulfillment and contentment. Not just taking what life hands you but by embracing it to move you forward. 

I’ve experienced this firsthand. I was CEO of a sign language interpreter company called ASL Communication Services, Inc. I was overwhelmed and just trying to make it through everyday. So I hired my first coach to help me with time management and getting unstuck. In the process, I gained so much more and discover the full power of coaching. I had such a profound experience that I decided to go through formal training to become a coach. 

Now as a coach, speaker and facilitator, I get to help people see their full potential. Beyond the work we do to get to the next level, I really help my clients see how amazing they are.


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