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Adaptive Leadership Series

This interactive series will share tools and strategies and provide interactive opportunities with other leaders.   What will you learn from this series: What are the key qualities needed to make you an exceptional leader in time of crisis AND in a remote environment. How to be deliberate and intentional in leveraging your leadership skills to relate to your team’s collective and individual challenges. What are the best practices for creating a sense of connectedness among the team to help build trust and accountability while focusing on business results.  The 3-part series will cover Part 1- April 29 - Leading Virtually - How to Communicate Differently with Teams, Clients and Peers   Leading a team under normal circumstances is never an easy path. When the world is faced with disruption and uncertainty, and you add a virtual environment into the mix, there are even more challenges. The qualities of a good leader are thrown more sharply into focus, and all of the interpersonal skills that build relationships are critical. Organizations have had to quickly adapt to conducting business virtually when they never have before.  Aside from their readiness from a technical standpoint, many leaders have had to learn how to work with their teams, their clients and their peers with new communication protocols. Part 2 - May 6 - Autonomy, Trust and Our New Environment - How to Unleash Productivity  We will explore maximizing delegation so that people feel a sense of autonomy and trust within the unit. Through letting go, allowing ownership and seeing/creating choices, you can inspire your team to become as productive as possible. Part 3 - May 13 - Build Emotional Resilience in Tough Times - How to create Certainty When the World Feels Out of Control  Develop a resilience mindset that helps create clarity on your path forward in your businesses and life.  We will define resilience and discuss whether it’s innate or cultivated. We’ll investigate how our brain affects our mindset and learn how to create certainty through communication and structure.  Don’t miss out on these scintillating topics.  The tools and strategies you learn can be implemented immediately so you’ll see the positive results with your teams. 

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