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You know you should be sharing your knowledge out into the world, but you can’t seem to shake the nerves and feeling like "what if no one buys my course?" syndrome.


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The Epic Course Creation Program: A Course for Course Creators

March 11 - April 15, 2021
Thursdays 6pm Central Time
(7pm ET, 4pm PT)

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The only course designed especially for ambitious entrepreneurs like you hustling to build their online empire and create passive income in 6 weeks.

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Prepare to go from dreaming to doing

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plus these bonuses

90-min Copyright Protection Masterclass

A masterclass for course creators to understand copyright law, how it protects their creative capital, and proactive steps they can take to ensure their courses are protected.

Lead by Entrepreneur Educator Attorney, Jennifer Webber. 


Team Access

Not only do get live support on the calls from Arika, but we have a launch strategist and an Entrepreneur Educator Attorney there to help you as well throughout your journey in class and inside the facebook group. As well as all of the peer support as well.

We all rise together! 


Launch Strategy Sessions

The group will have special launch segments to work on prepping the launch, understanding ads, emails, and affiliates, as well as learning best practices for launching so you can fill your courses with eager students. 

Led by Launch Strategist Jordan Rothwell. 


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This program is perfect for you if...

√ You are ready to multiple your business income

√ You are tired of doing the same old stuff over and over again with no special results

√  You are ready to get some step-by-step guidance

√ You are ready to start pivoting to the one-to-many model

√ You want experts there to not only help you create your course, but to launch as well

√  You want to position yourself as a leader in your industry

It’s time to stop dreaming and start doing


Don't let another week go by that you could missing making money in your sleep


Meet The Team


Arika Clark Alejo
Epic Experience Curator & Coach | Founder, ThriveEpic

Arika Clark Alejo is the founder and CEO of ThriveEpic. She has always been a teacher and coach on some level, but she found her true passion in helping others curate their own epic experiences. Over the years, she noticed that professionals and entrepreneurs had some amazing products and information but they really struggled with how to share it with their clients. Something more than just launching a product, really immersing their clients into their business.

In addition, Arika knew there was a lot out there to navigate from the content to the tech. So, she created a way for her clients to get help, so they do not have to go it alone. She helps reduce the overwhelm and is there to guide her clients toward success. So now she spends her days helping clients create courses, run summits, and create other epic experiences.

Jordan Rothwell - Launch Strategist 
With over 10 years of experience in digital and experiential marketing, Jordan Rothwell has helped business owners streamline their marketing strategies to get more eyeballs on their content and generate more sales. From Chick-fil-A to Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, Jordan has worked on filling the missing puzzle piece when it comes to marketing products and services for her clients. From selling chicken sandwiches to scaling a fitness business, to building and marketing courses, you name it, she’s done it.

Her entrepreneurial tendencies started at a very young age - from selling mistletoe to neighbors during the Christmas season to selling snacks and drinks to construction sites in the neighborhood, Jordan has always been fond of selling. Even more than the act of selling, she loves connecting with people. Being a marketer was so natural for her- that she made it her life’s passion and career.

Jordan’s expertise is centered around running ads and marketing campaigns. One of the highlights in her career as a marketer is generating over $575,000 in sales using Facebook and Instagram ads. Apart from digital ads, Jordan also manages marketing projects, strategizes social media engagement and campaigns, participates in website rebranding, as well as many other facets of marketing. Her ability to demonstrate versatility and commitment in everything she does makes her one of the most sought-after digital marketing experts in the market.

Jennifer L. Webber
Consultant & Attorney
Founder Entrepreneurship Collective

Jennifer Webber’s 20+ legal career focuses on advising and consulting businesses so they protect their assets. Through the Entrepreneurship Collective, she advises, consults, and educates business owners, entrepreneurs, and students so that they are proactive in identifying and protecting their intellectual property.

During this six week course, Jennifer will be teaching two separate education programs to registrants to understand their intellectual property.

A week by week glance...
March 11 - April 15

Week 1: Course Fundamentals 
Developing your dream client avatars
Choosing the right course for your business 
Week 2: Developing Your Course
The transformational experience 
Content fundamentals
Preparing to launch a course/product- your launch strategy
Week 3: All About Content 
Types of content & best practices
Content development
Supplemental materials
Week 4: Building Your Course
Week 5: Finishing Touches 
Course portals
Buttoning up the launch strategy
Week 6: Launching Your Course
Launching strategy- how to execute and market well.
Week 7 & 8 BONUS WEEKS
2 week extra support in the FB community. 
Power hour access (week 3-ish)
90 minute copyright masterclass (week 4-ish)
*weekly content subject to change based on group needs


√ Calls will be hosted on Thursdays from 6-7:15pm CT (4pm PT, 7pm ET)

√ We are limiting enrollment to 20 people

√  Recordings will be made available throughout the program duration if you cannot make a call! 

√ Power hours are like virtual co-working hours with extra help on standby in case you have more questions as well

√  The 90-minute Copyright masterclass will be held on a special night outside of our regular class time.

√ Classes will be for 6 weeks and there will be 2 extra weeks of support in the private fb group.

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Epic Course Creation Program

Early Bird $997 



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