Episode 102:  FEAR (airs Jan 5th at 1pm CST)

Special Guest: Mark Brewer

Airs Jan 5, 2022 at 1pm CST on LinkedIn Live and FB Live

Fear is a funny thing. It can stop us in our tracks and derail us from the things we want most. It often disguises itself as procrastination, scarcity, doubt, and many other things, but whatever you call it... it is still fear. As business owners, we have to recognize and acknowledge it. There are some choices Forget Everything And Run or ..... Face Everything And Rise.

Join us on the newest talk show, Conversations Unleashed, as our special guest Mark Brewer and I talk about F-E-A-R!

Our Guest - Mark Brewer

Life & Leadership Coach

Mark is a leadership coach, man of faith, gay man, and a person who has been in the face of FEAR many times in his life. From going to the seminary in Belgium (yes, I am a former Priest) to leaving the priesthood. From being in senior management in the non-profit world to running my own business. All if these twists and turns involved so much fear, doubt, and identity crisis. FEAR is what made Mark feel insignificant and small. Mark has learned about FEAR by facing it head on and leaving it in the dust. Because of that, FEAR has become a launching pad instead of sticking point. Beyond FEAR, Mark has experienced life in abundance and limitless!
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Episode 101:  Imposter Syndrome 

Ever feel like someone is going to tap you on the shoulder and say hey you have no idea what you are talking about, you shouldn't be in business! You are not alone over 70% of high achieving people have felt this at some point in their life and the crazy thing is that it happens so much there is a name for it...


Join me as we talk with Stephanie Chen Banjo, Career & Leadership Coach, as we pull the curtain back on imposter syndrome and talk alllll about it.

Airs Dec 1, 2021 1pm CST on LinkedIn Live and FB Live

Our Guest - Stephanie Chen Banjo

Career & Leadership Coach

Stephanie is a Career and Leadership Coach who works with organizations and leaders to break into the next level of impact. She believes that the world of business is one of the greatest change agents for good in the world, and when its leaders are equipped to influence, lead, and navigate change at the highest levels - this is possible sooner than we think. She provides 1:1 coaching, group workshops, company-wide immersions tailored to each company's context. Over the past 10 years, she has partnered with Government agencies, non-profits, and tech companies on a global level to help leaders better navigate conflict productively, build high-performing teams grounded in trust, create a culture of calm and certainty in the midst of change, and how to foster a mindset and practice of innovation and collaboration. 
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