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Online courses are boring. We help you, your clients & your business go to the next level with multi-dimensional programs.  


√ Systemize how you serve clients

√ provide a bigger impact

√ scale the business

√ elevate your brand culture

√ Be a leader in your industry



Spend less time hand holding your clients, and get them bigger results with a Multi-Dimensional Educational Program!

You’ve invested hundreds of hours into developing a program created to teach your clients and give you the ability to grow your business without working 1:1. 

Yet, you still spend time revising content and coaching your clients through the information–when your program was made to do this exact work for you. 

You are maxing out your time managing client experiences to ensure they get the results you’ve promised and the impact you envisioned.

Your ability to create content isn't the problem–it’s the system inside your program.

To truly impact and educate your audience, deliver meaningful results, and gain back your time, you need a better online educational program that works for your business and your client.


 You need an online educational program that is: 

  • Sustainable while being systematic
  • Engaging while being effective 
  • Integrated while being informative
  • Time-saving while being transformative 

It time for a system that empowers you to step away from your business knowing that your program will deliver, every time.

Increase your client impact with a multi-dimensional educational system that delivers a comprehensive transformation and enables you to scale your business with ease.


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ThriveEpic’s helps business owners create automated multi-dimensional learning experiences that enhance your programming, saves you time, and allows your business to scale with more sustainability. 

What does this mean?

Scaling and achieving a meaningful impact for your client means your business needs more than videos and handouts. Automated multi-dimensional learning experiences integrate learning into your entire client experience through four essential adult-learning criteria: engagement, transformation, interaction, and multi-sensory activity.

Automated multi-dimensional learning experiences take your clients on an online transformational journey that not only engages them through multi-sensory education that maximizes your knowledge and wealth of content—without depending on you to manage their success!

ThriveEpic’s Multi-Dimensional Learning helps you stand out as an industry leader by creating client experiences that align with your brand and allow your clients to interact with you in a way that is unique only to your business.


Our MDL Process

Optimize - Build - Integrate

Our goal is to help businesses create high-value sustainable educational experiences that empower business owners to be less involved, enjoy more free time, and still provide clients with massive impact.

Thrive Epic’s Multi-Dimensional eLearning applies the science of adult education along with our proprietary process to create these unique experiences.

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We analyze your current business system and client experiences to develop a plan and eliminate repetitive tasks, develop efficiencies, and enable you to step away from your business while serving more clients efficiently.


We help you create a sustainable system that directly impacts your bottom line and cultivates an ideal environment for your client transformations. 



A structured approach to reframing your knowledge and expertise into powerful content that is engaging, transformative, and interactive so you can educate your audience, deliver results, and gain back your time.

Engaging - Building content for purpose with everything crafted to make sure the learner is able to take full advantage of the content. This includes the content, structure, design, and layout of the material presented as well as making sure the information is capable of enhancing or improving something in the learner's world.

Transformative - Content that allows for results! Transformative experiences take into consideration the science behind how people learn plus utilize strong content and structured delivery to build out programs that maximize the opportunities for getting results.

Interactive - Hands-on learning, even in the virtual world. Going deep into ways the learner can understand and apply knowledge learned in the course, often in real-time.

Multi-Sensory- Accessing information that tantalizes more than one sense for a holistic approach to learning. This dimension not only includes leveraging individual learning styles but also building for accessibility to meet the needs of our population with disabilities.


Scale and Save


Maximize your strategy and capitalize your content with automated multi-dimensional learning experiences that scale and impact without sacrificing more time.

With Thrive Epic’s Amplified Impact System, business owners can:



  • Spend less time running intervention with clients and focus on nurturing new clients
  • Reduce the stress involved in creating and managing your educational program
  • Eliminate repetition from your daily activities to gain free time for the things you love
  • Better utilize your content to save your effort creating new information




  • Reach more people on a deeper level without having to meet face-to-face
  • Increase client retention with comprehensive impact experiences
  • Directly increase your bottom line with more satisfied client transformations 
  • Lower client turnover with enhanced engagement and multi-dimensional education


You have two choices...



Let us create for you today!

Work with us and start scaling your impact today! If you are ready to enhance your client transformations and save more time in the process, click below to schedule a consultation.
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The MDL Method

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What people say about us:

"Digital and physical products are good, but when you can offer your clients epic EXPERIENCES, you have truly set yourself apart. Arika has a brilliant gift of bringing this to life. From the initial point of contact, all the way until the delivery of the end experience, it's obvious that she's excited about your personal journey. Arika is SUPER easy to talk to, she makes you feel at ease, and she brings her personal genius to your project to make it shine. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to offer epic experiences in their business." -Erika Gilchrist, Best Keynote Speaker for Women's Empowerment | Producer of the largest expo for women in business in Chicagoland

"Working with Arika has given me exactly what I needed to go from fledgling new entrepreneur to thriving in my own business. Her ability to strategize, help me envision where I want to be and step into that new position was masterful! A single afternoon with her expertise brought my ideas into more focus and then into reality. I have everything I need to build my websites, membership and course at my fingertips. No more floundering and waiting for a miracle. Thank you Arika for all you have done to help me turn my vision into a viable and income producing reality!" -LeeAnn Romine, Ignite You Global™

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