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Mar 23, 2021

The value of a video testimonial is truly endless- it serves as so much more than a video. Now, I realize that it can be difficult to get participants to volunteer for a video testimonial (we have all been guilty of it at one point or another- My hair isn’t done! I didn’t wear any makeup today! I hate the way I look on camera! I’m terrible in front of the camera! But honestly, it’s okay- we’ve all been there!) they’re an incredibly effective, free marketing tool, they’re also an easy way to improve interest in your program/product while conveying the overall message of your brand.


Video testimonials also tend to be more effective than any other type of testimonial- because with that testimonial, comes a real face, a real person, just like you or me. That real person increases trust in your brand, giving others an incentive to buy or invest in your brand. That trust and incentive drives sales and generates new leads that otherwise may not have existed!


Those video testimonials can also put in some serious work long after the camera stops rolling, especially if the preparation is done correctly. You can post those testimonials on any platform that supports video- but you can use real quotes given during those testimonials, using them where video isn’t necessarily warranted or supported.


And it is totally okay to reach out to previous and current clients and ask them for their participation- you don’t need anything fancy, no big script, you don’t even need all the bells and whistles, because there are some awesome -and very affordable- platforms available for this very purpose. 

In this Tech Tuesday video here I show you how you can easily collect video testimonials from your clients. If GetBravo's platform isn’t  your speed, the options are truly endless.

I’m curious- have you ever used video testimonials to promote your product? If so, which software did you use? What did you love about it? What did you hate?

Sound off! I’d love to know!