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Why Perception and Perspective Matter

emotional intelligence eq perception perspective viewpoints Apr 30, 2020


Both perception and perspective vary from human to human. Perception is the ability to view information through different senses while a perspective is a style in which we think about things. One could agree that for every mindset, there is an opposing or alternative viewpoint. Furthermore, each viewpoint can be categorized and hold merit, giving the idea that utilizing different perceptions and using those to build our perspectives can be beneficial.

To what extent should individuals review the perceptions of those around them though? Humans as a whole can strive for balance through embracing multiple perspectives even when they conflict with one’s own values. It can be beneficial for us to think in terms of perception because various perceptions empower us to expand our minds to thoughts we had not considered before. By being able to think in another perception other than your own — you can overcome bias

The way we perceive the world around us affects our emotional state. It also tends to give us an unnecessary bias that can limit us. We begin to believe or think in our own mindsets and believe that it is always 100% true. But as we know, not everything we think or feel aligns with reality. When we perceive something absolutely, it becomes difficult to collaborate and for us to progress and it ultimately tends to serve self-interest rather than the greater whole.

Reduce your stress

I’ve presented on the topic, the stories we tell ourselves and it really highlights the idea that when we fill the gaps to attach meaning that isn’t there, those thoughts begin to consume us.

When we create these narratives they create a false sense of panic that leads us to reactive behaviors to accommodate those stories.

Gain Balance

Not only will opening your mind to more information make you smarter, but it will also help you understand both bad and good and help you become more well-rounded. You can gain balance by managing perceptions because you can see clearly and through another lens.

Each perspective and perception is unique to an individual. Being able to see clearly or understand how your perception affects you can change how self-aware you are. Becoming self-aware is one of the first steps to becoming more emotionally intelligent.