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mdl Apr 09, 2022

Course creation is messy, complicated, and chaotic.

The idea of a course sounds great—we have all of this content and information that can be easily implemented into a course that helps us serve more clients. 

And it works for a while until your clients get stuck, asking you questions, and eating up your time. 

Putting a program together is far from easy.

What ends up happening is that the courses are often pieced together with bits of information and video content that have huge knowledge gaps, but to no fault of your own. This is the way the industry has “worked” for years, but these gaps leave clients confused and struggling to understand, let alone complete the course. 

Instead of throwing together more content or spending hours re-recording new content, consider digging into the content and efficiency system inside your program AND inside your business.

When your content and efficiency system for learning is robust yet streamlined and falls in line with your brand, you don’t have to handhold clients through your programs. You utilize existing information and content to create an experience that translates all that knowledge seamlessly, gets your clients better results, and saves you time managing client success.

This is why the Amplified Impact System is so powerful in helping coaches and service providers create learning experiences that truly transform!

  1. Instead of piecemealing your content together, we analyze your current program system to eliminate repetition and develop efficiencies to enable you to step away from your program.

  2. We turn your expertise into powerful content that is engaging, transformative, and interactive so you can educate your audience and deliver even better results.

  3. With a new sustainable system created, you can still cultivate an ideal experience for your client transformations while maximizing your ability to scale with more clients. 


How much time do you spend fixing your course? What could you do instead with that time?