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How Organization Can Affect Your Client’s Journey

Apr 10, 2021

How Organization Can Affect Your Client’s Journey

Happy Saturday! It’s hard to believe that just like that, another week has gone.

This weekend I wanted to talk about something we simultaneously spend time constantly thinking about, and yet, it may never truly cross our minds at all- our client’s journey.

Now- I know what you’re probably thinking, “Arika, that is all I think about!”

I get it, we spend so much time thinking about the things we are creating for them, the services we are selling to them, but do we ever stop to think about their journey through that program or service? The journey that brings them to us. The journey they take after us.

Now, admittedly, there are so many aspects that are so far beyond our control, but it’s important that we think about the things we can, and one way to optimize that journey, is by getting organized (and doing it well!) Find a program that works for you- and if you find yourself in need, I have some amazing recommendations on my private Facebook group, just check out my #TechTuesday videos! (and if you do, don’t forget to comment #reply! Let me know you dropped in!)

There are several things we can consider about this journey- how easy is it for them to access that content? How well is that content organized? (Or is it organized at all?) Do they need any special programs? I also encourage you to take into consideration the complexity of any programs your clients would be required to use (when this applies) because while some of us love technology, others struggle with the most basic of techy tasks.

So today I want you to start thinking about your clients and their journey from start to finish, through your program.

The ins and outs.

Even the parts we so easily take for granted.

My challenge to you on this Saturday, is to put yourself in the shoes of your clients. Consider their journey, every part of it, and make sure it’s a good journey.