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Our vision is to help 1 million people share their unique gifts with the world


ThriveEpic's mission is to help people gain clarity, find and leverage purpose, and take action so that they can make a big impact in their world and the world around them. 


Integrity: Showing up as our authentic selves every day
Passion: Giving and sharing our knowledge to those around us
Trust: Respecting and holding space for our clients
Joy: Radiating happiness and appreciation throughout the world
Action: Taking a step forward every day

Hello, I am Arika, Founder of ThriveEpic, Inc

Over the years, I have noticed that people I work with have the most amazing knowledge and skills their arena.

But, they have really struggle with getting all of that knowledge out and packaged up to get in front of the clients. This inability to create at the capacity they want comes from different places -  fear, lack of confidence, not enough time in the day, shiny balls syndrome, and/or missing systems and support. 

The world is waiting for them to shine and share. So, I help them embrace their gifts and knowledge, while taking all their ideas and turning them into reality, with limitless possibilities. 

Maximizing their impact and income!

You too don’t have to go it alone!

Imagine what it would be like if you had someone to bring out the best in you, providing support, strategy, coaching, technical services and more? Helping not only dream about the programs you want to create, but actually creating them with you!

Our services are for you if you want...

  • my proven methods to help reduce the overwhelm
  • to create and launch your workshop, course, membership or other program
  • have an expert there to guide you and set you up for success.

What are you waiting for?

Contact us today to find out how we can serve you. 

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